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Written by: Jason

Male UltraCore Review

This article is a MUST read for any man that has come across Male UltraCore™, the self-proclaimed BEST male enhancement and sexual performance enhancing supplement ever created, designed to dramatically transform your penis, and promises to give you that bigger, harder, fuller erection you always desired. It promises to make you go from a boring partner to a full-on pleasure factory for ladies.

Male UltraCore™ creators do not shy away from making some amazing promises. It basically promises what every man would want out of their sex life.

  • A penis that would make their girls jaws drop.
  • A penis that when fully erect would be bigger, fuller, harder than ever imaginable.
  • A penis that after a short time on the product, you’ll say to yourself, “wow, I’m still hard?”
Male UltraCore Award of Excellence

Male UltraCore is an all-natural, no drug, no prescription needed, Superior Product.

Superior is the keyword. Male UltraCore™ makes it clear that this is a product that is not for the poor man, the man who rather have cheap pills over top-of-the-line quality. This is the first class of male enhancement supplements. It’s the Rolls Royce of luxury cars, and the Super Yacht of all watercraft.

Before I go into the specifics of Male UltraCore™ and everything YOU MUST know about the product, let me give you a little background of myself. I am now a professional supplement review expert. This is what I do, I review supplements, from research lab results, breaking down ingredients, analyzing the standardization of each ingredient, and examining the claims on each product. Companies will also hire me to formulate new products. 99.99% with one thing in mind: “Jason, how can we great a product that is good, but we need to keep the cost down?”

Supplement companies are businesses like anything else, and 99.99% of the time the company wants to create a decent product that costs them the minimum resources to manufacture it. An expert like me gets that done for them.

Male UltraCore™ most certainly did not do this. This could not have been the work of one guy. They most likely hired multiple supplement formulators, but they certainly did not have any intention in creating a cheap, mediocre product. Instead, they threw the book out on how to keep costs down and went all in.

This is extremely rare, and that is why I felt a NEED to examine the product further. I had to dissect it for myself. And I cannot wait to explain more in details what Male UltraCore™ created.

Male UltraCore Money Back Guarantee

Why I LOVE Male UltraCore

For people like me who are deeply embedded in the male enhancement industry, we aren’t easily impressed. If anything, we look at every supplement as if we could do better if we had the chance to do it ourselves. In all my years as a supplement expert, the only products that really made sense to me were the products I formulated. Male UltraCore™ is a completely different kind of male enhancement supplement – unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and let me show you why:

Powders, Extracts, and Standardized extracts – what are they?

In this review, you’ll notice that I would be mentioning powders, extracts, and standardized extracts often. The distinction between these three would show you why Male UltraCore™ is the #1 male enhancement supplement for me.


In supplements, the most common ingredient form is in powder form. These are the cheapest to make and manufacture, and it gives supplement manufacturers the biggest profit margin on their supplements. Powders are incredibly easy to make. How easy, you ask? Turning herbs into powder form is so easy that you can turn any herb into powder form with just the tools in your kitchen. All you have to do is dry the herb out to draw out any moisture, run them into a grinder or blender, and sift to get the fine powder form. This incredibly simple herb formula is also the least potent of all the ingredient forms. You can’t really expect something good to happen if you take 300mg of dried herbs, would you? Still, supplement companies choose to use cheap, ground powder since it helps them justify their formulas and their customers would be none the wiser.

Ingredient Extracts

Ingredient extracts are a step above powdered herbs. To get extracts, you’ll have to pull a concentrated form of the herb in liquid form. The first process alone is tedious. To make extracts even more potent, excess liquid is drawn out to form the crystallized extract. Depending on the herb, it may take roughly 500 grams of raw material just to make 5 grams of crystallized extract. As a result, the herb would be more potent and produce better results.

Standardized Extracts

The top-of-the-line ingredient form you could ever get in the industry is through a standardized extract. To create a standardized extract, the liquid extract collected from herbs would have to run through a special filtration system, removing any excess compounds, leaving the purest form of the active ingredient. By my estimate, you’ll have to run 1000 grams of raw material through the filtration process just to get 0.5.-1 gram of standardized extract. That’s how concentrated and potent standardized extracts are. Considering the raw material needed and the tedious process of creating standardized extracts, it’s no wonder why standardized extracts are significantly more expensive than any other ingredient form.

Here’s where it gets even better.

Supplement companies include labels that describe the contents of their supplements. Since supplement ingredients are measured by WEIGHT and not POTENCY, many companies get away with simply using ingredients in powder form to justify their formula. That’s why supplement companies choose to use powders – it doesn’t make the formula more effective, but it makes people think it is.

Male UltraCore™ contains standardized extracts that are far more potent than the powders that other male enhancement supplements use. This alone makes the formula far more superior than the top brands you’ve seen before. Yes, it’s possible to get minimal results with powder-based supplements, but if it’s possible to get results with powder-based supplements, imagine how much more results you can get with a supplement that contains standardized ingredients.

And that’s why you should buy Male UltraCore™.

With Male UltraCore™, you can be sure that you are not buying the cheap ingredients that don’t do anything to improve your sexual health. Male UltraCore™ is virtually guaranteed to help boost your sex life, and it does it with the best ingredients money can buy.

Our assessment of Male UltraCore™ doesn’t stop there. I studied each ingredient included in Male UltraCore™ to find out how the product works and what you can realistically expect from Male UltraCore™.

How Male UltraCore Works

Male UltraCore™ uses a combination of two cutting-edge technologies. These technologies were developed by the team behind Male UltraCore™ to make the ingredients even more potent and long-lasting. Here’s what I learned about the two technologies that Male UltraCore™ used:


The VI-PEX Technology that Male UltraCore™ uses is a potent vasodilator complex that lets blood vessels dilate for longer periods of time. Improving blood flow is important to enhance your erection size, and Male UltraCore™ made sure that it has a powerful vasodilator complex to ensure that your body is always primed to get the best erections.

VI-PEX stands for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. As the name suggests, the main goal of vasodilation is to increase expansion in the penis, which is of course triggered by better blood flow. In a sense, vasodilation is enough to expand the penile chambers to increase erection size, but it won’t last long since the process is naturally limited by a compound called phosphodiesterase-5. Normally, cGMP molecules trigger the smooth muscles to relax, which opens up the blood vessels more, and allows more blood to flow to the penile chambers. cGMP is limited by PDE-5, and to prevent the limitation of PDE-5, VI-PEX also has PDE-5 inhibitors or PDE-5is to help prolong the vasodilation process. This allows your body to be ready for bigger erections at any time of the day.


STEM is another crucial part of Male UltraCore™’s formula since it entails the production and retention of testosterone. STEM stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method. The idea is to produce as much testosterone as possible, and prevent its metabolism into other hormones to build up free testosterone. By doing so, you should be able to experience a heightened level of libido and sexual endurance.

To increase testosterone, STEM incorporates several aphrodisiacs with testosterone-boosting properties. The role of these ingredients is to boost testosterone production rapidly. Next, STEM also contains Testosterone support ingredients, which support the increased testosterone production. Testosterone is dependent on ZINC and MAGNESIUM levels to extend its effects on the body, and Male UltraCore™ has the necessary ingredients to ensure that testosterone levels are maintained. Lastly, STEM contains testosterone-stabilizing ingredients, which inhibit the conversion of testosterone into other hormones such as estrogen and DHT. The inhibition of the enzymes that metabolize testosterone perform THREE crucial functions – it helps build up testosterone, it reduces estrogen levels, and it prevents the dangerous side effect of too much DHT, which is an enlargement of the prostate.

THE VI-PEX and STEM advantage

The combination of these two technologies results in something I’ve never seen in the supplement industry. Two distinct technologies working in perfect synergy to produce real erection-boosting results. As VI-PEX primes the body for better erections with its prolonged vasodilation effect, the increased libido, and testosterone coming from STEM further intensify the erections. Due to penile tumescence, the blood vessels systematically route blood flow to the penis to induce an erection. With the vasodilation from VI-PEX in place, the penile chambers receive more blood flow, which triggers the maximum erection size that a person can experience.

To know more about the SCIENCE behind Male UltraCore™, visit their website here

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Male UltraCore Is A Super Supplement For Sexual Performance

The Real Secret about Male UltraCore

We’ve established that Male UltraCore™ already uses the best technology and the best ingredients in the business.

You may be wondering at this point – how can Male UltraCore™ pour all these resources into just one product and still make its pricing competitive and affordable?

Well, there is an answer to this as well. Most supplement companies make money using one of two methods:
Most male enhancement products attempt to sell their products at a price point that gives them the most profit margin from ONE purchase. These brands aren’t counting on their customers to purchase their product again since they already know that their product doesn’t work as it should. About 98% of all male enhancement products fall under this category. These are also the same products that advertise heavily to make customers buy their product since they can’t count on customer feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations to sell their product.

The second method is by using the BEST ingredients and the BEST technology available. Since developing and manufacturing these products are already expensive, these products only have a small profit margin per unit of supplements sold. But here’s the kicker. Since these products are guaranteed to work, these brands would enjoy the continued patronage of their customers for years to come. This is the ultimate strategy of Male UltraCore™ to lower the price of the product while keeping their customers happy. Also, since they can count on their customers’ positive reviews and recommendations, they won’t have to spend as much in advertising their product. All in all, the customers get the most benefit since they get the best results from the best product in the business.

Going further with Male UltraCore

I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that there are no products that can produce INSTANT results. That’s a myth that companies want to tell their customers so they will buy their product. What I like about Male UltraCore™ is that it keeps its claims in-line with what the science says. Clinical trials last for a minimum of 90 days. Male UltraCore™ claims that its best results can be achieved within 8-12 weeks, similar to the timeframe used in most clinical trials. This sets the customers’ expectations when taking Male UltraCore™.

Male UltraCore™ also offers a FREE membership for those customers who are planning to take Male UltraCore™ for the next three months. Members get an exclusive 50% discount on their third bottle, which is not only economical but practical as well since you’ll be buying the same amount of bottles if you want to get the best results from Male UltraCore™.

Learn more about Male UltraCore™’s FREE membership here:

Male UltraCore Members

Male UltraCore FAQ

It does seem like we’ve covered all bases, but just to be sure, here’s a short section that will answer all of your questions about Male UltraCore™:

IS Male UltraCore™ SAFE?

Yes. Male UltraCore™ is made safe to take for men. Male UltraCore™ is made from 100% natural ingredients, which may help reduce the risk of side effects. Side effects are rare and are typically caused by another underlying condition such as an illness or allergy. If you are concerned about how Male UltraCore™ will work for you, it’s best to check with your doctor for a thorough medical examination.

Does Male UltraCore™ WORK?

The short answer is YES. Compared to other products we’ve reviewed over the years, Male UltraCore™ is a huge step up. If you thought that you already have a product that works, well, this one would blow your socks off. Male UltraCore™ works on a level that is not yet seen on any other male enhancement supplement. If you want to know the level of performance that Male UltraCore™ can give you, give the product a try.

How long will it take to get my order?

I got my Male UltraCore™ package about 6 days after I placed my order. Male UltraCore™ typically sends its products through USPS standard shipping, and that usually takes between 3-8 business days. If you want to get your product sooner, just call their hotline and ask for expedited shipping.

Does Male UltraCore™ come in discreet packaging?

Yes, it does. Mine came in an unmarked generic box, with no brand logos or identification. The only thing you’ll see from the outside is the shipping label.

Does Male UltraCore™ offer money-back guarantees?

Yes, in fact, they do. Only the boldest brands offer money-back guarantees, and Male UltraCore™ is one of them. Basically, Male UltraCore™ gives you up to 90 days to try their product. If you like it, then keep buying more pills. If you don’t like it, then you can call within 90 days to request for a refund. Simple enough, right?


Male UltraCore™ is the supplement that I’ve been waiting to have since I started working as a supplement analyst a few years ago. I knew then that it was possible, but no other brand had the balls or the brains to make this happen. It’s a huge gamble for Male UltraCore™ to go all out on quality, safety, and technology, but I’m sure that this will pay off big for the company. The market is already tired of brands that do not work, and products like Male UltraCore™ give customers a much better choice to get the results they want from their male enhancement pill.